2 Things To Learn From The August Google Update

What Google Update?

Just this month, Google issued another core update. Depending on the type of business your website promotes, the update will either impact you positively, negatively, or not at all. So, what are the 2 things to learn from the August Google Update?

First Thing – Same Old, Same Old

The first thing, and we have to admit that Google doesn’t exactly spell out the finest details, is that content is still king! If the content is not quality, and this appears to have been refined, then your ranking and traffic will likely have gone down. That is the first of the 2 things to learn from the August Google Update. So, if you have experienced a decrease in your traffic, check the quality of your content, and try to improve it.


Second Thing – Trust

It’s always been a good thing to develop trust. However, this appears to have become much more of an issue with the latest of the 2 things to learn from the August Google update. For instance, if your author profile on your posts or blogs simply says ‘Joe Bloggs – Marketer’, your trust flow will be minimal, and you could find that your traffic heads south faster than a duck in winter!

You see, the thing is, a broad, generic profile falls foul of the latest barometer of what Google is looking for, which is: E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust). Ok, to demonstrate how this is an issue, consider those who are reckoned to be the biggest sector affected by this Google update, YMYL pages.

Now, YMYL might not be something that you have heard of before, so let me expand the acronym. It stands for Your More or Your Life. In other words, sites that affect either your financial or health well being have been the main target(not necessarily deliberately) of the latest Google update.

Some diet and nutrition sites appear to have suffered the most because of the update. Why is this? The reason for this is that often those espousing the advice cannot sufficiently demonstrate Expertise(E), Authority(A), or Trust(T). I guess Google has decided to make these site owners EAT their words!

With this in mind, it is so important that trust must be established on your site. It is true that quality content will help with this purpose, however, it is also equally important that the expertise, authority and trust of the website owners be firmly established. Whilst this is a sensible and prudent step forward in determining search engine priority, one can’t help but feel that it would be good if Google could spell these things out a little more clearly.

2 Things To Learn From The August Google Update

So, what have we learned from this August Google Update? The importance of credibility. Credibility is established by providing site content that shows the site to be a worthy source of information. Credibility is also cemented by establishing the trust and authority of the blogger/writer. Keep up to date with SeattleWeb London Web Designers for more information.

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