Who Are We Talking About...And How Are They Measured?


When it comes to choosing a local SEO agency for your business, how can you decide which to choose? For us, we trialed 3 of the leading firms, and based our results on:

1/ The Product

2/ Customer Service

3/ Results


So, first up, we trialed Web.com

Web.Com - Local SEO Experts


When it comes to web.com, they handle directory listings for many newspapers, directories, and so forth. Their prices are reasonable, and competitive amongst their peers, at around 25 pounds per month. When it comes to their product, they score a decent 8/10

Customer Service

From the moment we signed up, we were put in touch with a rep by the name of 'Caroline'. She was very helpful, even often going beyond the expected, in order to deliver great results. The only set back was, when we decided to end our trial, we received a phone call from one of their staff attempting to pin blame on us, the clients. This significantly soured an otherwise efficient experience. The ending significantly affected the rating we would give them for customer service, so, instead of 8/10, the overall rating slips to 5.5/10.


The aforementioned list of citations is impressive, as is the ability to amend your business details via a Listings Managemnt CMS. The Results, at least initially, were very impressive. However, there is an issue with the fact that changes to the business details were sometimes slow to be updated, if at all. Despite repeated complaints on this issue, it was not resolved. Because of this, the rating for results is 7/10


Business Magnet



The concept of Business Magnet is very good. Optimize a business page that has relevant keywords placed in order to appeal to search engines. When you combine this with excellent design, the product, at least in concept, is very good. 9/10.


Customer Service

Initially, the customer service we received was very good. The consultant was flexible on pricing and other options. However, he promised a 'dofollow' link to our site. When the product was delivered, checks revealed that the links were 'nofollow'. It was good that we checked. So, we decided to push a few buttons and see how they would deal with this 'error'.

The response we received was remarkably underwhelming. Attack to Defend is not a great customer service policy, in our opinion. 2/10




The fact that Business Magnet are widely known is testimony to their results. However, we found that Approved Business, a similar set up, offers the same service, with less issues. 8/10


Approved Business




Approved Business offers a great service. The only drawback is less of the so called magnet keywords, and design is not as good as Business Magnet. 7/10


Customer Service

So far, the customer service has been excellent. We have no issue with dealing with their friendly staff. And, unlike Business Magnet, they are able to take card payments, thereby offering clients a superior ease of use. 9.5/10




One of the advantages of using this service is that they broadcast 'expert articles' to their email subscriber database. The concept behind this is to drive traffic to the website. Whilst we have not seen the expected increase in traffic, the concept is sound. The only other issue related to results is that the parent website could have cultivated higher domain and page authority, thereby increasing the SEO value to their clients. 7/10



When it comes to a local SEO service, time is precious. Various agencies offer to take the task on, thereby allowing time to be devoted to more pressing issues. In our brief trials, we found Approved Business to be the one that we have stayed with. Your decision is your own, and individual results may vary. However, to be forewarned is to be forearmed, so we hope that our review of some of the options that you have will help you to make a wise, and profitable decision.


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