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When it comes to measuring the progress(or lack of) of your website, Google Analytics is a vital tool that must be in your toolbox. Have you considered using this on your website? If not, we can help you implement and monitor it.

Google Analytics – Many Advantages

There are many advantages to having Google Analytics. Firstly, it helps you monitor how much traffic is flowing to your site. But, it does more than just that. It can tell you where your visitors are coming from.  And, what time of the day they visit you, plus many other features. Why, though, is that important?
Knowing the nature of the traffic that your website receives, helps you understand some vital facts. For instance, if your SEO team has implemented some nefarious tactics, your traffic will fall, likely due to a Google penalty. However, with a working ‘Google Analytics’ dashboard, you will quickly be able to discern if your site has been hit with this penalty. This, in turn, will enable you to make the corrections necessary to regain your rankings, and your profitability.
Another vital consideration relates to forward planning. Analytics are, by nature, an analysis of what is occurring now. However, with this tool, knowing what is happening now, is vital to knowing how to plan for the future. Take as an example, when it comes to targeting your online visitors.  You absolutely need to know what is driving them to your site. Are they coming because of ‘Organic Searches’, ‘Paid Traffic’, or, as a result of a campaign that you may be running? The answer to that question will determine where you should target your future online marketing.
Another vital piece of information that comes from using Google Analytics is a piece of information known as ‘Bounce Rate’. What this term relates to is the percentage of visitors to your website who leave your site after viewing only one page. Bounce Rate is a vital piece of information in that it tells you the visitors to your homepage find it either boring, or off-putting. Knowing this will help you make the necessary adjustments to engage your visitors. This, in turn, will convert more sales. Google Analytics is a prime information provider in this area.
Of course, these are just a few of the advantages to using this incredible tool! However, the list goes on and on. Basically, the way to consider it is to view it as a foundation of information on which your marketing house is built. Therefore, we strongly recommend using Google Analytics on your website.


How We Can Help

We provide Google Analytics implementation as a service. Simply contact our London based team of web designers to find out how we can improve your SEO by implementing the tool on your site.


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