An Expert Guide To Selecting The Best Blogger Outreach Agency In 2020



With the growth in success of blogger outreach, agencies, which are offering specialised services, are also growing. A blogger outreach agency specializes in offering 360-degree digital marketing benefits for brands and individuals.
A digital presence requires string digital performance to rank on Google’s SERPs. This bump in ranking can be possible only when a brand website can-
• Outnumber the competitor’s backlinks
• Drive traffic to the brand website
• Increase SEO scores and health metrics like DA, DR, PR and Alexa Rank
• Rank higher for industry related keywords


A strategically planned Blogger Outreach Service fulfils all the above-mentioned point. However, in addition to them it has a direct sales angle to it. If a brand is looking to make direct sales and generate revenues from this digital strategy, the right Blogger Outreach Agency can help deliver on this front.
Blogger Outreach: Meaning and Definition
Blogger Outreach is a digital marketing strategy, which involves creating content on behalf of your brand and then asking bloggers in your industry niche to publish it. This can take the form of a sponsored post, a collaboration, a product review or simply a guest post.
Blogger Outreach has gained in significance over the years because bloggers command a string influence over their audiences’ buying patterns and behaviours. Brands are leveraging this influence and requesting bloggers to share their content or product reviews with the audiences.
This not only leads to getting the backlink, but also leads to a brand reaching out to new audiences, website traffic and sales. However, doing blogger outreach manually can be frustrating and very difficult for a number of reasons.
This is why specialised agencies, which offer blogger outreach services, have come up. These agencies help brands get the most out of this strategy.
Why you should work with a Blogger Outreach Agency?
Every industry has its own nature, areas of operation and its own quirks. The digital marketing fraternity too has its very own peculiarities. One of the most common ones is the nature of secrecy in the industry. For a brand, which has no experience of working with external publishers, things can get very difficult.

i. Bloggers avoid working directly with Brands or unknown entities-
Bloggers are sceptical of working with brands directly, especially when payments are involved. They tend to trust agencies more than individual brands. This makes working with agencies a better idea. Not only do they have access to extensive databases, they also work to maintain relationships with the bloggers.
ii. Bloggers are notorious for not delivering on promised work-
It might also get very difficult for a brand to get work done from a blogger. There might be deliverables, which the blogger might have agreed on before, but is failing to deliver on that front.
The chances of this happening when working through an agency decreases significantly. Blogger Outreach Agencies supply bloggers with regular work. Bloggers in many ways become dependent on agencies for a regular supply of work. This is why it is very difficult for bloggers to renege on the promise of delivering work, especially when agencies are involved.
iii. Agencies get more for less from Bloggers-
Agencies also tend to extract more add-on services from bloggers than it is possible for brands to do. For example, with a simple content sharing agreement, blogger outreach agencies can get the blogger to do the social sharing free. This is something, which brands would find increasingly hard.
How you should select the right Agency for Blogger Outreach?
It is often said that brands, which start working with the right agencies keep doing so for a very long time. This is also very true of Blogger Outreach Agencies. If you are looking for the right agency, here are some of the things you can look out for-
i. Complete In-house Blogger Outreach Team-
The best agencies set up their own teams in-house. This means that you will always see an expert manual outreach specialist leading the charge at all times. You will also find an expert negotiator bringing down prices and bargaining for add-on services.
In addition to them, the right agency always has at its disposal the best content creation team. From content writing to other content services, you can see their professionalism and seamless work execution.
ii. Multi-Industry Outlook and Expertise-
I have often come across many so-called agencies, which say that they offer blogger outreach services in a niche industry. I have never been able to come to terms with such an explanation. If you are an agency, which specializes in blogger outreach, you should maintain a database of bloggers across different industries.
The best Blogger Outreach Agencies maintain a database of thousands of bloggers across different industries at all times. You need to tell them about your brand and they will draw up a list of hundreds of bloggers according to traffic, metrics and prices.
iii. Multiple Blogger Outreach Services under one platform-
In my experience, I have seen many brands just come for backlinks and walk away with monthly engagement, which cover product reviews, collaborations and new product launches. This is the beauty of blogger outreach. With the right team at the helm, you can be rest assured of digital successes.
The best agencies always want to up their game by offering different and multiple services under one roof. From creating the content to social sharing and delivering on free add-ons, they make the seemingly impossible possible.




If you are in the market for a Blogger Outreach Agency, it would be best to do your own research. There are many evil elements in the industry, which are masquerading as agencies. Try to start with a small engagement and see whether the agency is delivering on that. Follow it up with finding about the prices on your own end from the bloggers.
Agencies who are frequently working with bloggers drive their prices down remarkably. However, it is essential that you always have your end say on which bloggers you would want to work with. Always remember that the end decision of whom you want to work with, or who is publishing your content should always rest with you.

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