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Using Black Hat SEO on your web site is never a good idea, why?

Some clues lie in it's alternative titles: unethical SEO and spamdexing. The words spam and unethical show more than what the practice does, it also shows how it is viewed. What are some ways that someone could fall into the practice of this type of SEO? Doing things that only appeal to search engines and not human audiences basically sum up what black seo is.  The working side of it is that keyword stuffing, page swapping, hidden text, and many other ways, are designed to try to fool search engines into giving you a higher web ranking.

But, you might say, isn't a higher web ranking what I am after? NO!!!! At least, definitely not in this way. Search engines such as Google were not born yesterday, they are not easily fooled. So, even if your website achieves a temporary rise in web rankings, this will be followed by an equally dramatic fall, perhaps even a blacklist. So, if any SEO company attempts to win you over by promising quick page one rankings, run a mile! You could end up losing your website rankings entirely.

At London Web Designers, we focus on quality web content and links. We want you to have a successful website that offers a great R.O.I, and, not a website that will need replacing due to unethical practices.


Not A Weapon You Should Use

Every good deed has it's reward, and every bad deed does too! Using Black Hat SEO as a weapon is never a good idea, why is that? Firstly, let's assume you have a moral code. Once you resort to, what is basically Cyber Crime, you will find it easier to use again and again.

Another reason is that you might be discovered. On one of our clients account, they had received an email from an overseas SEO agency promising 15 days of free SEO. After the trial, the client told the company that he would not be continuing. Following this there was a massive drop in their web search engine rankings. Upon checking, there was a 100% probability that the clients' site had been slapped with a Google penalty. The thing is, that when the backlinks were checked, there were no discernible bad links to disavow. An appeal to Google to remove the penalty went unanswered, and the client had to abandon the site. Now, what does this have to do with it? The client considered using the same tactics against the SEO company, however, they had far more experience in these matters, and they would likely have lost.

When you hire our SEO for London web service, we will not use Black Hat SEO tactics on your site, or any other web site, thus minimising the risk of a web war.

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Simon Harrison

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