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What Are Long-Tail Keywords And How To Use Them

What Are Long-Tail Keyword?¬†You might have heard the expression ‘Long Tail Keywords’ before, but what exactly are they? Officially, they are keywords that use 3 or more words(some people say 2 will do). However, for our purposes, since most keywords contain at least 2 or more words, let’s describe them […]

Internet Trends of 2018 – 2 Things To Take Note Of!

Why Are Internet Trends Important?   Do you ever wish that someone could tell you where your business will be in 12 months time? That kind of information would be great! Think about it…you’d know how much to spend, where to spend it, and, when the quiet times would be, […]

The 4 Pillars of SEO

  What Are The 4 Pillars?   [bctt tweet=”Pillars are supporting structures. In ancient Greece, pillars held up many governmental and religious buildings. Those pillars were so strong, that many survive to this day. In SEO, there are 4 fundamental pillars that will support your online marketing campaign in an […]

Why 100% Optimization Is Not Your Goal

We Want At Least A Reasonable Optimization For Our Site, But, Consider This     Looking at the above metrics, you will see that our site(the one on the left) has the highest of the page speeds, why is that? Well, I don’t like to turn out sites that don’t […]

3 Ways That Social Media Helps Your Google Ranking

Does Social Media Help Your Google Ranking? Looking at this heading should cause at least two queries, is there a relationship between social media and ranking, and, why do we specifically mention Google Ranking? Let’s deal with the second question first. Google Ranking is really all someone should care about. […]

SEO – What is it?

SEO – What is it? When it comes to being relevant on the web, companies and individuals spend large amounts of time fretting about Search Engine Optimisation. However, when it comes to SEO – what is it?

Content is King

Content is King – The Origins of the Principle It is very true that prior to the arrival of the internet, content was still king. Take for instance, the millions of literary works that have been published over many hundreds of years. We recall the works of Shakespeare, Tolstoy and […]