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To succeed in today's market, businesses must take a share of the ever increasing online sales industry. Our agency focuses on creative website design for Kent and surrounding areas. Whether you live in Dover, Canterbury, Deal or Folkestone, call your local web designers at SeattleWeb.

But, why choose us? Back in 1998, we started building our first business. This business was then marketed, and sold to very capable entrepreneurs. Ever since then, we have been helping build businesses through effective marketing. The purpose? Some businesses were sold for a tidy profit, others were built for the purpose of running successfully. With the rise of the internet, and it's related markets, the focus has shifted massively, over recent years to e-commerce.

With this new focus, we founded a website design agency in Kent with the accent on creativity. Whilst a website must be functional and responsive, it must also have the kind of aesthetic appeal that helps it to stand out from it's competition. With that kind of mindset, our web designers build sites that use the WordPress platform...why?

Why Use WordPress?


Originally, as a Kent business owner, you may have commissioned a website for your operation that took many months to build. Perhaps it was very basic in design, functionality, and had not a hint of responsiveness on any device other than a desktop computer. The advent of WordPress, however, changed things markedly. Originally designed as a blogging platform, the more user friendly design setup and ease of use, quickly enhanced the popularity of WordPress for general website development.

But what does this mean for website design in Kent? In Kent, as in every area that utilizes e-commerce, there are standards that must be met in order to achieve success. Websites must be attractive, functional, and responsive to the ever diminishing size of technology that accesses the net. If a website is atractive but lacks responsiveness, it will attract significantly less traffic...and sales, than a competitor whose site didn't have those deficiencies. No wonder, then, that Google is not prioritizing sites that are not mobile friendly.

By the same token, a website that is functional, but lacks attractive appeal, will also fall behind it's competition in traffic, sales, and revenue. Our Kent based web designers, therefore, combine all three of those qualities in whatever website they design for our Kent clients.

With those priorities in mind, WordPress, by nature, is conducive to responsiveness, functionality, and attractiveness. The designer can focus on the abilities of the site rather than many hundreds of hour coding, time that would take away from the end product.

Another point to consider is that with WordPress, SEO principles can easily be integrated into the website, allowing better rankings on local search engines. With all of these benefits in mind, it is clear to see why we only use WordPress to build you a superior business website.

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When you make the decision to expand your business...and sales, online, reach out to us, your local Creative Website Design for Kent agency. You can either fill in our contact form, on the homepage, or call us on 01244941227. We are also reachable by emailing us at: [email protected]

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