Internet Trends of 2018 – 2 Things To Take Note Of!

Why Are Internet Trends Important?


Do you ever wish that someone could tell you where your business will be in 12 months time? That kind of information would be great! Think about'd know how much to spend, where to spend it, and, when the quiet times would be, so that you can take a break with the family.

When it comes to your business, trends are crucial. Every business needs to know what resources, finances, and goals they need to plan for in the coming year. And, [bctt tweet="whilst trends are not 100% accurate forecasters of the future, they generally do provide patterns that must be taken note of" username="SeattleWeb_LDN"]. And, with regard to internet trends, the past 12 months have seen some very strong signals. With that in mind here are a couple of Internet Trends that we feel affect you, our clients.

Trend Number 1 - Percentage of People On The Web

Probably one of the greatest markers for this year has been the approximate percentage of people who are now connected to the internet. Did you know that around 3.6 Billion people are now connected. Wow! That's around 50% of the world. [bctt tweet="If 50% of the world is on the net, what does this say about the need for your business to get online?" username="SeattleWeb_LDN"] Clearly, you must have a strategy for using this fact to your advantage.

Another key take-away that you must take note of, is the amount of time that people spend on the web. For instance, in the United States can you guess how much time each day that people stay connected to digital media? Recent figures show that whereas Americans used to spend 5.6 hours a day on the web, this has now rised to 5.9 hours a day....a whopping figure!

For your planning, what do these figures suggest? Clearly, the days of the internet as a curio are over. It now forms a foundation for business and e-commerce the world over. So, in examining this first trend, are your website development and online marketing plans factoring in this increasing opportunity?

Another interesting snippet has to do with privacy. Yes, more people are on the web, however, there are also two seemingly contasting signals. Firstly, a staggering 38% of Chinese people, and 25% of American people, who use the net are willing to give personal, private information in exchange for product improvements. So, on the one hand, privacy is not an overriding concern for many people. However, on the flip side, 64% of people will delete apps that offend their privacy, compared to 47% who will adjust their privacy settings, and 28%, who will disable cookies.

This concern is understandable, considering that there has been a tenfold increase in malware since 2016. However, since the stats show that privacy, in itself, is not paramount, the issue really comes down to security, rather than privacy. As web designers, we strongly recommend that our clients use SSL certification, and other measures to demonstrate that their websites are secure, and allay the fears of their web traffic.

Trend Number 2 - Can You Hear An Echo?

[bctt tweet="one of the more surprising trends over the last year has to do with Amazon Echo. Their install base has risen from over 10 million, to over 30 million, during 2017. Think about that, that's around a whopping 300% increase! " username="SeattleWeb_LDN"]

Think about the opportunities this presents. What new trends with regard to online shopping will come more to the fore? How can your business ride this particular trend towards voice automation?  Increasing your online presence is a sure way to begin!

One of the reasons that we promote WordPress website is to do with content management. It is really easy to update an existing WordPress website, as opposed to a site that requires extensive and costly coding. This benefit also will likely help with the rising trend of Amazon Echo users. [bctt tweet="It must surely be the case that Echo apps, relating to e-commerce, will come more and more to the fore in times ahead." username="SeattleWeb_LDN"]

Ride The Trends

Clearly, internet trends continue to rise, and users and producers alike are finding new ways to strengthen that trend, particularly through mobile web applications and voice automation.

The thing about trends is that they don't generally last forever. The key is to get onboard the trend whilst it is still rising, to take advantage of the opportunities that it presents. If someone could increase your potential clients exponentially each year, would you subscribe? Of course you would! The same principle applies to these rising internet trends. The number of people exposing themselves to e-commerce is rising exponentially each year. And, every person that gets connected represents a potential client for your business. So, it's time to subscribe to this trend, to be in a position to benefit from the increasing amounts of revenue that are flowing through the web.

Contact us, your London local web designers. We'll help you get onto this trend by creating you an online presence whose returns will increase with the advancing number of those who will notice you. And, we'll help you have a greater share in these trends through effective online marketing(SEO).


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