London SEO for Small Business

London SEO for Small Business

As a company that has it’s roots in London extending for more than 20 years, we know that London SEO for Small Business is an area that has not been fully utilised. One of the more common reasons is that of cost, since many small businesses have limited budgets. Seattle provides the solution….

London SEO for Small Business – Meeting The Needs of Clients

Whilst it is obviously better financially to cater for businesses that are international in scope, and seemingly unlimited in resources, Seattle does cater for, and takes pride in servicing local businesses such as MyWindowCleaner & Window Cleaning Perth,.

As you can see from just the few names mentioned here, we have a large, and expanding, list of local businesses that we assist in both areas of website design and marketing.

Despite this, we find that many small businesses, and sole operators, have only one issue in mind….that of cost. So, how can you be sure that Seattle will be able to provide you with both results and affordable pricing?#

London SEO for Small Business – How Can I Afford This?

We know that cost and affordability, which amount to exactly the same thing for you… your hip pocket, are the prime considerations for you. We know that often your staff will be limited to yourself, your partner, and, a minimum of contractors. We also know that this means that what we consider as vital marketing, but you consider as disposable income, is something that can only be stretched so far.

Whilst it is a fact that cannot be overcome that the more time that you allocate to this task, the better, and faster, the results, we promise to cater to any realistic budget. This means that if you can only afford £20 a week, fine! We’ll still give you a 100% guarantee that you CAN achieve solid and consistent results!

Simply drop us a line through our contact form, or email us at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you with a proposal of what we intend to do for you, why that is important, how we’ll do it, and, when you will start to see results.

London SEO for Small Business – Where We Are Based

Ever notice that the majority of Web Design and SEO, or Marketing firms are based offshore, whether that is in India, Philippines or other cheap labour regions? Our base is in Bouverie Road West, Folkestone in Kent. Yes, we do have an office in Australia as well, however, we can assure you that the base of where your work is done will be where the labour is both more effective, and better value, in other words where people like you, live!

Why is this important? Consider a submission from someone overseas…..”Our magnificent window cleaning services in London provide superlative shine and happiness…”

How long would it take someone to realise that this submission is SPAM? Clearly you won’t want to waste your budget on marketing that will give you the reputation of being a Spammer. Therefore, the decisions on your work will be taken by people that have a command of the English language since English will be their native tongue.

Yes, when you contact us at Seattle, you will get the best service that your pound can buy…Contact us today via our contact page or email!

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Simon Harrison

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