PBN – A Star Among Assets

PBN – Why Use Them?


The PBN, for those who are not familiar relates to personal blogs. There are, perhaps, a thousand reasons why someone might have a Personal Blog, however in terms of Web Marketing they are a valuable tool.

PBN – Lay A Solid Foundation 


In terms of Web Marketing, it is not just a matter of setting up a blog and, Hey Presto! You have a great marketing tool…no way!

Before even thinking about using the PBN for marketing, does the blog have valuable DA and PA? What are they? DA stands for Domain Authority, how much your website name is worth, basically,  and PA stands for Page Authority, how much your content, or the structure of your Web Page is worth.

Both DA & PA are not overnight stars…they will take sometime to establish, and their success will depend on a host of factors that will be dealt with in another article.

Following this crucial step, the next step to undertake is to place valuable content on the blog. Overtly spammy content will result in a penalizing of your blog, and a complete nullification of any marketing value from the PBN.


PBN  – The Use of Links

When using the blog for links, clearly they can provide valuable ‘link juice’ for the site you are marketing. Link Juice basically refers to some value being passed from the blog where the link is placed, to the site where the link connects. As an example, suppose, for arguments sake, you had a link on The Evening Standard which pointed to a website for The British Museum. The Evening Standard would likely have high DA & PA. Both of these types of authority can be partially sent to The British Museum site, provided that the link is what is known as ‘do follow’.

The PBN follows this principle, by establishing high authority blogs, and then directing some of that value to the site that you are trying to market via we’ll placed, do follow, links.

However, as we have seen, the whole mechanism relies on linking to several high value PBNs, and this is why it is not necessarily an easy way to jump right into. Despite this, when done correctly, it is a valuable way of marketing your business. It’s effectiveness can be seen in just about any Google index. As an example, when in Perth, Australia recently, I Googled ‘Window Cleaning Perth’. The top site, at that time, was a domain called perthwindowcleaningwa.com. How did this particular site achieve number one ranking on Google? I discovered that a great deal of sites that linked to it were PBNs. Despite the fact that most of those blogs seemed very spammy to me, Google disagreed and counted those links as solid ranking factors.

PBNs – A Permanent Asset? 

As any Web Marketer will tell you, Google changes their algorithm regularly which means that sites that rank well today will not necessarily do so tomorrow.

Therefore, whilst the PBN has tremendous at this time, Google could well change the rules and snuff out this asset at any point. So, all we can say is that TODAY the PBN is a valuable tool in any website’s marketing arsenal…….Happy Blogging!



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