SEO Hacks – The Meta Description

Wrong Meta Desription Practices

The Meta Description....what exactly is so important about it?

Well, Google announced that this is no longer important in their determining importance in search engine rankings. With that in mind, does it really matter at all if we use a meta description or not? Absolutely! You see, what you have to understand, is that Google doesn't directly use the meta description, however, it does still count. Allow me to explain....So, imagine that you have the following meta description that advertises new car sales:


"New Cars - Sydney. Buy your new car here"


This is an example of a meta description with limited appeal. What it says is that we sell new cars. Whoopee! So does a million other places. What this description does is just say what they are, not why you should click there.

This error is repeated all across the web. Yes, it's true that some search engines WILL still use the meta description to determine ranking importance, but, realistically, how much traffic will they bring you when compared to Google? So, really, don't just use the meta description to say what or who you are, it will bring limited traffic, and, for that reason, it will rank lower in Google Search Engines.

Correct Meta Description Practices

So, if that is what NOT to do when using Meta Descriptions, what MUST you do to optimize your Google Search Engine results? Take a look at the following meta description for new cars:


Now, bear in mind that this is just illustrative. I know that the hook there sounds like....well, a used car salesman! However, the point is being made that the meta description must include a reason as to why the viewer should go to that site. In other words, the meta description should be a sales pitch, motivation, for the person to click and become extra traffic to to your site.

This is extremely important for SEO. You see, when your meta description drives traffic to your site, Google will prioritize your listing, and it will rise in their list of importance, and their listed of websites for that keyword.

So, how should you design your meta description? Firstly, think, why should someone visit my site. Sure, I have told them what I do, but is that really enough to entice them to visit? In the above example, 'new car' is obviously the keyword. However, the message says that the site can offer you something that you wouldn't ordinarily find when buying a new car. For that reason(example only), it would likely drive more traffic to the site than simply saying that you sell new cars.

The Meta Description is a valuable, and under used tool in SEO. However, it is vitally important that attention be paid to it, for one simple will drive more traffic to your site, and improve your Google ranking.

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