3 Ways That Social Media Helps Your Google Ranking

Does Social Media Help Your Google Ranking?

Looking at this heading should cause at least two queries, is there a relationship between social media and ranking, and, why do we specifically mention Google Ranking? Let’s deal with the second question first. Google Ranking is really all someone should care about. The market is so dominated by Google that any realistic alternative doesn’t carry any weight. Now, going to the first question, let’s deal with it in 3 parts.

The First Way That Social Media Helps Your Google Ranking – Traffic

Firstly, one thing to be aware of is that links on Twitter, Facebook, or the like, don’t directly relate to search engine ranking. Whilst there has been a lot of disagreement on this, we’ll let Google have the last word. So, with that in mind, consider this video:

Having seen this, you will have heard from Google Webmasters that Social Media posts don’t directly influence ranking. However, Google also acknowledge that there are many benefits to using social media for search engine ranking.

So, with that established, let’s look at the first way that social media helps your Google Ranking. This way is in that social media posts drive traffic to your site. As an example, suppose you put up an article saying that ‘Br*tney Spears is getting married’. This social media post will likely garnish a lot of attention. But, to find out more, those who saw the post have to view the whole article on your site. The traffic then increases to your site as readers follow the heading on your social media account to the article on your site.


The Second Way That Social Media Helps Your Google Ranking – Brand Promotion

Now, the second way again comes down to the ‘Content is King‘ philosphy. What this means is that, if Coke tweeted their logo a million times a day, but included a message that didn’t connect with the audience, there would be a limited, if any, benefit to the brand awareness. The only benefit would likely be that the logo was more implanted in the memory of those who saw it.

However, if Coke tweeted 10 times in a day, but each tweet contained a progressive question towards a prize of a million dollars, it would be likely that the brand would receive great benefit in being retained in the memory of all those who saw it.

So, quite clearly, Social Media helps your Google Ranking by Promoting your brand, and, this, in turn, will enhance the previous way that we discussed, increasing traffic.

The Third Way That Social Media Helps Your Google Ranking – Links

The other way that Social Media helps your Google Ranking is when people link to your posts. So, as in our previous example Br*tney Spears gets married. Thousands of tweeters retweet your tweet, this, in turn, again drives more traffic to your site. So, this method is a combination of the previous two, the amalgam of great content that leads to more traffic. So, what we have here are three different ways that social media helps your Google Ranking, however, what we really have are three faces to the same diamond. Just as a one sided diamond would not be maximising it’s value, all three of these social media benefits are completely interlinked and dependent. Yes, there are three ways that social media helps your Google Ranking, but, in effect, it is really one.

It all comes down to creating great content. Great content gets linked back to, and, drives great traffic. With this in mind, how can you use social media to improve your ranking?

With the principles discussed above in mind, it would be better to submit one post a day to Twitter or Facebook that was very popular, than one hundred posts that had thin content. So, don’t just tweet for the sake of it! I know, it is hard to break the addiction! However, research what is popular in the field in which your business operates, then tweet about that. Great Content will do wonders for your Brand, Traffic, and Search Engine Rankings.

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