The 1 Mistake To Avoid With Anchor Text


1 Thing To Avoid With Anchor Text - Trust Us, We Know!

One mistake we see nearly all the time, when it comes to keyword anchors, is the theory that you should get thousands of links to your homepage, all with the primary keyword as the anchor text. This is probably the 1, and most significant error that our web designers see when helping with SEO.

Why is this an error? Well…Google has rolled out what are known as Penguin and Panda updates(Which zoo animal will follow?). The intent of these updates is to find websites that have appeal to readers, rather than search engines. There should be a natural flow to the text, and this involves the anchor text in a large way. If you have 1000 links, all with the phrase ‘Joe’s Cars’, it is, I guess, kinda like meeting someone who doesn’t speak English and can only say ‘yes sir’. Sure, it would be nice to meet someone who calls you sir, however, how much of a natural conversation could you have?

When we started out, our London site fell prey to the same errors. Our web designers decided that, in their wisdow, they would focus on the keyword ‘web designers’, in ALL backlinks. Initially, we shot up the SERP, even reaching the immediate, and dizzy heights of number 2! However, only a short while later, we had dropped out of the top 100 listed sites for London.

Admittedly, we are still getting our web designers to atone for their error….that’s the honest truth. However, we needed to discard the old way of thinking on anchor text, and find the correct ratio.

Again, it all comes back to natural flow. so, let me show you what we discovered, particularly from this article by ‘The Hoth’.


Doing The 1 Thing Right With Anchor Text

Actually, a correct approach to anchor text is actually the opposite of what is the old time, and conventional view.

With our backlinks, there have been too many to alter. To go through thousands of backlinks and apply what you see above, would be near impossible. However, our web design team are now trying to implement the above rations, so that over time, the rankings for specific keywords will recover.

In addition, to the ratios presented in this graph, one video suggested that keyword rich anchor text can be used, but only when it is in a listing with very high domain, and that won’t represent more than the 5% exact keyword match that we are aiming for.

What this means in practice, and what our London locally based web designers are now doing, is to put brand, or url anchor text in all directories, or less individually important website backlinks. Then, we try to place keyword rich anchor text in any backlink that represents one of our highest authority, and most important web backlinks. We not only do this for ourselves, but our SEO team implements that strategy for all of our clients.

This approach is what currently Google is looking for, and results in the best search engine ranking position(SERP).

So, in summing up…what is the 1 thing you need to remember about anchor text? A little of the pure stuff, like Oxygen, is good, however, if you breathe pure oxygen, you’ll die, so mix it up! Make your primary keyword, your oxygen, just a small percentage of what your site breathes in! And, if it all gets too much, useĀ  available resources, such as found at: Linkio: How to Create an anchor text guide

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