The 4 Pillars of SEO


What Are The 4 Pillars?


[bctt tweet="Pillars are supporting structures. In ancient Greece, pillars held up many governmental and religious buildings. Those pillars were so strong, that many survive to this day. In SEO, there are 4 fundamental pillars that will support your online marketing campaign in an effective way." username="SeattleWeb_LDN"]


Pillar 1 - Technical SEO


Frankly, there's no point having a site if the search engines can't find it. I have a friend who has a great looking air conditioning website. It truly looks fantastic! However, I wouldn't be surprised if not even one client has seen it. It's probable that he hasn't renewed the hosting anymore on this site which cost him a 'pretty penny' to produce.

To this end, things such as an effective robots.txt file are a must for your website. In addition, have you submitted sitemaps to Google et al? How fast is your site, and how well structured is your content? All of these points are what make up the Technical SEO for your site.


Pillar 2 - Onsite SEO


This area is a little different from the technical SEO. [bctt tweet="Rather than refer to the mechanics of your site setup, your onsite SEO refers more to how your site is optimized for SEO." username="SeattleWeb_LDN"] For instance, are your page titles, descriptions, url descriptions, and content optimizations, pointers to the areas in which you wish to rank highly?

Allow me to illustrate. Suppose you order an Indian take-away meal. Your combination of naan, rice and vindaloo gets you salivating. However, in the middle of your take-away wrapping, you get chips instead of rice. Now, you really like chips, but it just doesn't suit the rest of the meal that you ordered.

In a similar way, each ingredient of your onsite SEO must add to the flavour of the site, and the keywords for which you wish to rank. If you have a site on web design, but have a description talking about Spitfire fighter planes, you will have conflicting signals being sent to the search engines. So, all of the ingredients of your onsite SEO must add to the flavour of your site.


Pillar 3 - Link Building


Link building refers to the number of links that point to your site. It is one of the more important SEO factors. However, it is also easy to abuse. For instance, if you have one site linking to your website, but with 1000 links, it won't help your [bctt tweet="Search Engine Ranking Position(SERP)" username="SeattleWeb_LDN"]. It is better to have a higher number of domains linking to your site, with just a few links from each domain. Why is this?

In recent years we have seen big rises in 'link farms' and paid bookmarking sites that throw hundreds of links at your site. Google has come down on this quite a bit, so, the quality of your links is now much more important. Another factor is the number of 'dofollow' links, as opposed to 'nofollow' links. [bctt tweet="To get a do follow link from a site with high authority will benefit your site much more than a no follow link." username="SeattleWeb_LDN"]


Pillar 4 - The King - Content


The old saying 'content is King' has never gone away. It is so important for you to have great content on your site that engages your visitors. [bctt tweet="In SEO there is a thing known as 'bounce rate'. What this refers to is when people bounce off your homepage because they are not engaged by what they see." username="SeattleWeb_LDN"] Google notices things such as bounce rate, so it is very important for your SERP that you have quality content that keeps visitors on your site.



The 4 pillars of SEO should be the foundation of your online marketing strategy. But, yes, it can be difficult to implement by yourself, which is  were we come in. So, to get the 4 pillars of SEO on your site, contact us!

Managing your keywords is one of the most important SEO techniques that you need to apply. That sometimes can be very difficult for website owners who are not very familiar with the SEO process. Developing content and link building strategies that grow your audience, build your brand, and increase your SEO and revenue is crucial for your business. See OutreachMama for latest info and strategies on how to do this


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