Why 100% Optimization Is Not Your Goal

We Want At Least A Reasonable Optimization For Our Site, But, Consider This




Looking at the above metrics, you will see that our site(the one on the left) has the highest of the page speeds, why is that? Well, I don’t like to turn out sites that don’t fit together well. In other words, optimization is a key in web design.

The site, second from the left is a site I designed some time ago, that a developer has taken into wordpress from straight php files. As you can see, it’s design still gives it the 2nd highest web page speed score. Why do they both do better than the ones on the right? Take a look at this picture:


When Google assesses your web page speed, they will likely throw up some errors, such as the ones listed above. Frankly, unless you have a blank page, it is going to be almost impossible to fully optimize your web site and get no errors at all.

The problem then becomes: do I sacrifice cosmetic appeal for speed, or the other way around? Some people ensure that their websites look great, but aren’t particularly fast, others go for speed…but end up having a dull looking website. Now, let me show you again, the page speed comparisons that I inserted above:


Now, the two sites on the right clearly have gone for appeal. According to GTmetrix, they are particularly fast. The interesting thing is that both sites rank high on page one of Google for their keywords! In other words, they are leading the way despite a lower than average page speed.

So, what is this saying…that we should go all out for aesthetic appeal, and ignore page speed? If we were to go on the above, clearly that would be the conclusion that would be drawn. However, what it is really saying is that a combination of balance, and, hard work are the ingredients for success. Why so?

Ok..let’s paint a picture with two illustrations. Website A is just a blank page, with a heading that says “Web Design”. How hard do you think that it would be to get a 99% page speed score? Not hard at all! Very easy in fact.

Yet, even with a 99% page speed score, how high do you think it would rank on Google? Not high at all. Why? It won’t get any traffic. After all, it has no appeal whatsoever! Google will say that this is a terrible site, and rightly so!

Now, example number 2. Suppose you found a site with beautiful videos, graphics and so forth. However, site number 2 is not optimized at all. In fact, it takes around a minute to load, by which time you have gotten so bored that you have looked elsewhere. For the same reason, lack of traffic, Google says that this site is not popular, and lowers it’s listing.

So, we have two sites at the polar opposite ends of design, but both with the same result, a poor ranking. What’s the problem here? It comes down to what is hurting them, which is low traffic and reader engagement. Both sites, although completely different suffer the same problem. So, how can this be overcome?

Balance Is The Key

At SeattleWeb, we have built many sites. In fact, here is a site I finished earlier today. Now, this is a fairly straight forward trades and services web site. However, what the owner needs is to get a ‘call to action’. This is done with the quote box featured prominently at the top. Anyway, take a look:


Now, it is too early to speak of Google web rankings…it was only finished today, however, clearly the site has a good page speed. I try, with each site that we do, to ensure that it leaves our office with full optimization. However, the page speed is also balanced with what it is created for, that is to get more clients for our customer. The big contact form, offering FREE quotes is exactly what grabs the attention of the site visitor.

Most window cleaning sites will contain a lot of information, but no substance. In this case, we have combined the key ingredients that the client needs, a focus on optimizing the site, allied with functionality and attractive media.

Herein, lies the key for web design. Just as the two slower sites, shown above, have ranked well on Google despite the word optimize not being the first word that comes to mind, a site must have all of the necessary attributes for success, without neglecting any, at the same time.

These principles must be kept in mind when you design your next site. When it comes to our London Web Design service, we focus on all of the necessary points to help you achieve success with your online presence. Contact our London local web designers for a FREE quote.

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