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Why WordPress?

We can’t emphasise enough that we endorse WordPress because we believe that it offers the best platform on which to run your business web site. Why is this? It all comes down to what WordPress is exactly. Technically speaking, it is an open source CMS platform. What this means is that no developers are needed to update your website. Gone are the days when you had to hire someone for every little change that you required. These changes often required massive amounts of code to be altered, and this could prove very expensive.
For you as the website owner, you are able to operate as your own companies’ developer, since the skills required to make changes to your site are easily learnt and just as easy to implement. You won’t need a College degree to acquire at least a reasonable proficiency in WordPress website design!
It is probably no exaggeration to say that around a fifthe of websites are now powered by WordPress, and this is no fluke. We highly recommend that your new site be built with this very popular software, because it enables us to deliver you a better product, and, for you to be able to keep your online prsence current without incurring massive expenditures.


The Who’s Who of WordPress Users

It can sometimes be that a product becomes popular if it’s pricing is significantly lower than it’s competition. However, this is not the case with this platform. Initially, yes, it did prove to be popular with start-up bloggers, and became the primary platform for blogging. However, in recent times, it’s functionality, design, and ease of use have made it more popular with big brand names such as:
Obviously, these are just a few of the many who use WordPress among the elites of business. However, this usage is not just limited to commercial clients. It’s ease of use, and functionality, make it just as popular to ‘Joe Public’, as to a Fortune 500 company.
When we decided to build this site, we also set about using this platform. It enabled us to get the best results for our investments of time and money, when compared to more traditional methods of website design. That’s why we don’t just tell you to use WordPress, we do too! Maybe, at this time, however, your site is not on WordPress, so why should you consider it a high priority to move over?

Why You MUST Use WordPress For Your Business!


We don’t just suggest that you use WordPress, we insist! Look, let’s be honest, you want web designers who create you a great site that is seen, right? To illustrate what I mean, I have a friend who is an expert in aircon installs. He decided that he might strike out on his own, so he commissioned someone to build him a website. I urged him to go with us, but the other chap tried to persuade him that he wanted a full bespoke site, instead of a WordPress powered one, so he paid a lot of money to have one designed.
Now, to be fair, the site looked great! It really did. However, it wasn’t optimized. This meant that this great looking site would never be seen by anyone, except the owner. What my friend didn’t realize is that the site has to be built to rank highly on search engines, otherwise, you are just throwing money away, or just embarking on some sort of vanity project. The site that he had had built looked good, but hasn’t brought him even one dollar, as far as I know.
So, what do I mean by optimized? I mean, basically, SEO, search engine optimization. This means building a site that the search engines will say: ‘This is an important site, let’s rank it highly’. You see, WordPress allows you to do this. It allows you, with just the installation of a couple of plugins, a few clicks, as it where, to build a site that has the necessary ingredients for search engine success.
To the best of my knowledge, there just isn’t another platform that makes it so easy to build an optimized website. But, you ask, why is that important? Well, remember my friend? He built a website for commercial purposes, but received zero dollars return on his investment. Would you be happy to build a website for your business that brought you ZERO return on investment? I think we both know the answer to that question!
That’s why, building a WordPress platform for your business is not a choice, it is a must! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It could mean the very success, or failure, of your business.

What We Offer

Essentially, what we offer is the opportunity to take your business online in such a way as to maximize your returns, and, build an attractive, and responsive gateway for your online clients. When you hire us for your next website design, you will receive a WordPress based site that is fully optimized for SEO, and, a site that will endure for many years whilst allowing you the flexibility to update it when, and how, you need.
We have experience in building many WordPress websites. We know what will work best for your business, what add-ons you’ll need to succeed, and, how to provide you with a superb Return on Investment. Contact us for a FREE quote now! Simply call us on 01244941227, or, use the contact form on the homepage of this site.


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